What Are Trademarks?

What Are Trademarks?

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Trademarks are recognizable symbols, phrases or designs that indicate specific services, often protected as brand names. Just like copyrights, trademarks are considered intellectual property. This means it's intangible; it cannot be held, touched or seen.

If you have trademarks for your career or business, you need to protect them immediately upon creation. Funderburg Law can help you draft all the necessary paperwork and move through the steps to finalize your trademark.

Federally registered trademarks are important for...

  • Recognition
  • Exclusivity
  • Legal rights
  • Validation
  • International benefits

By working with a trademark law attorney in Atlanta, GA, you will have a knowledgeable professional there to help you navigate the process. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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Having an experienced trademark attorney who is well-versed in intellectual property rights can make all the difference in your creative and financial future. Your brand is your reputation, and Funderburg Law wants to help you protect both.

We can assist you with...

  • Federal copyright and trademark registration
  • Assignment and copyright recordation
  • Work-for-hire agreements
  • License agreements
  • Merchandising agreements
  • Cease and desists
  • Settlements and release agreements

For more information about trademark law, reach out to our team today.