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Funderburg Law is excellent in all ways!! Lerae and her team are always timely, considerate, accommodating, highly knowledgeable, thorough and provide stellar customer service. I really enjoyed all the information Lerae provided both my business and nonprofit with and her willingness to answer any questions I or my team members had. I felt so enlightened by her detailed knowledge, which made it easy for me to trust in her abilities even more to get the job done for us. Her pricing is reasonable and affordable, especially in comparison to other law firms with half the credentials she has. I will choose Funderburg Law over and over again. They have a lifetime customer.

Seviin Li

I absolutely love Lerae! She is very thorough, patient, and professional.  I love that fact that she not only provides her expertise but she educates you so you have understanding of what’s going on and you walk away with better knowledge of your situation.  Was the best addition to my business.

Kerry Matheson

Want to get your business on the right track legally and professionally, this firm is definitely the way to go. They are fast, accurate, reliable and efficient.
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Lerae and her team at Funderburg Law are top tier! We started the trademark process at the beginning of 2021 and ended the year with my federally registered mark! She ensured I covered all of my grounds and added any classes I'd need for all that my brand entails. If I recommend a professional because of their services, just know they're the TRUTH. That is the case for Lerae Funderburg, Esq. and her team. Hire them and protect your intellectual property!

Allyssa Lewis              

Easily the best legal experience I have ever had! Lerae is a through and creative wealth of knowledge who makes working with law enjoyable. She was able to edit and strengthen the contracts that I previously had created by other lawyers. I have learned so much from her about how to set up my business, and feel confident that my precious company is well protected. I definitely recommend everyone to go to this expert!


Funderburg law is by far the most thorough intellectual property legal team! Lerae and her team get RESULTS! I absolutely recommend her to represent you & handle any legal concern you may have because you will be even more knowledgeable and equipped to protect your assets into the future than ever before!!!


Lerae has helped me tremendously with my business. She’s professional, responsive and is always there to thoroughly answer any questions I may have. She keeps me and my business on point!

Annagjid Taylor      

I love Lerae Funderburg as my lawyer. She goes above and beyond for me and my business. I've learned so much from her and appreciate her as a professional!

Jillian Knox               

I had to consult w the law firm and was pleased w the services they provided me.  The attorney was ardent about her craft, exceptional professionalism and I’ll be sure to recommend the law firm.
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Sammie Always          

I went into business with Lerae in 2016. I remember needing to make a shift in regards to my legal representation. My business was so unorganized, money left on the table, LLC's dissolved (a mess lol). Leare came right in, with passion. A sense of urgency and intention. Over the past five years I've seen so much growth in my deal structures, and honestly most money I've ever seen thus far. She's thorough, she fights for you, she's transparent and business aside, a remarkable, strong black woman I consider a true friend. Thank you for all you do and have done for me. I appreciate you.

Bianca Frasier            

Funderburg Law was a referral to me from a friend who also had an amazing experience.I remember sending a thank you gift to this same friend because my experience was TOP TIER because she sent me to THE BEST!Lerae helped me from start to finish and educated me along the way in regard to my Trademark, the process, and with other legal affairs (Cease and Desist, legal documentation,  etc) along my journey as a business and brand.
I honestly never have a lot of questions because Lerae and her team are very thorough with explaining and note taking. They are very punctual with returning calls, texts, emails and completing tasks. I was so green "in this area" of business but I have so much confidence because Funderburg Law really taught me the significance of having LEGAL REPRESENTATION because I am NOT an Attorney.
I'd like to close my review the same way I started...having such success with Funderburg Law on various matters I have "referred" MANY of my business peers to her as well!Same response, "you sent me to THE BEST!"

Brandon Alexander

Working with Lerae and the Funderburg Law team has been an AMAZING experience!  Lerae is SUCH a master of her craft and knows the world of intellectual property backwards, forwards, up, down, side to side and even in circles! LOL
The level of care she has to protect her clients is the same as if you were one of her own family members and she's making sure gonna make sure that the neighborhood bully knows not to try you.
Her team shows that same level of care in their prompt responses and professionalism.  Not to mention that everyone on the team takes pride in the role they play on the team and does their job well.
To say that I'm happy to be a client of Funderburg Law is DEFINITELY an understatement!


Funderburg Law was such a pleasure to work with. They helped me with a variety contract templates needed for my business. Lerae Esq. was such a joy to work with in that she really took the time to work out all of the details of the what specific contracts I needed for my field of business before hand. When it came time for me to utilize the contracts in my business and I needed some quick pointers, my questions were answered promptly with such professionalism and care. I will definitely work with Funderburg Law again.

Chris Prythm               

We highly recommend Lerae & Funderburg Law. Lerae was incredibly instrumental in handling our case. Her knowledge, strategy and experience is 2nd to none.Lerae ensured our case stayed on track (prevented stalling). High attention to detail and made sure all parties had full transparency. We cannot thank her enough for the work she did handling our case. Professional, Informative & a pleasure to work with. Funderburg Law is phenomenal.We have high praise and recommend Lerae & Funderburg Law to all of our colleagues. Highly Recommended! A++

Spann Family              

Our experience with Funderburg Law, LLC was one of professionalism & productivity. Our assigned attorney kept us up to date and well informed along the way. We are thankful that Funderburg Law, LLC went above and beyond to get the job done. We will definitely use Funderburg Law for future legal services.