As a business owner you must build your team around someone like Lerae. She is an amazing professional who consistently has the right answer for all your business law needs. Her General knowledge of law as a whole helps her weave in and out of the complexities of owning, protecting and building a brand. She is where I start on all my law questions and if my problem is not her expertise she still helps me find the right referral. I now feel secure knowing my brand, hard work, and legacy are secure. She also is the go to for estate and Will creation. Trust me she is the best and an amazing working class Mom. I don't usually right reviews, but she has saved me headaches and literally made my life easier

Justin Bridges-Crawford

Aim Wire LLC

Lerae is the best! It's that simple. All trademarks filed, and everything I've needed her to do was done in 100% excellence with a 100% success rate. I'm sold!


My name is Keith Jackson aka JAX. I have the pleasure of working Lerae on various occasion. Lerae is a very knowledgeable person I would recommend her services from entertainment representation to trade marks.I'm proud to have her as my Legal counsel.

Keith Jackson aka JAX

Global Management & Security Consulting

I began my relationship with Funderburg Law a couple years ago & my business has not been the same since! Their services have saved me so much time & really put business ownership into perspective. I have attended the Trademark workshop, purchased contract templates and had a consultation with Lerae! I use my contract templates every week to set agreements between contractors, customers, partners & much more. My consultation with Lerae was an hour and in that time the information I gained helped to give me the information I needed to create a more efficient and effective business. I recommend Funderburg Law to anyone who is starting or running a business and wants to keep their business/brand protected, in compliance with state and federal law at the same time as developing healthy business practices and relationships.

Bisola Salimonu

Owner of Bisola Live LLC

Attorney Lerae was very professional and educated me on the importance of trademarking my business. I enjoyed the additional insight she provided and don't believe I would've received the same service if I consulted with another attorney. She truly acted as if my business was her own. I also attended the FREE seminar of living wills and how they impact finances in the future. I would definitely recommend her.

The Bundle Boutique

I would like to sum Lerae up in 3 words "BLACK GIRL MAGIC!" I had no idea that the spunky, down-to-earth, amusing, social butterfly and did I mention, BAD ASS female that met on a Women's Retreat would turn out to be everything that I NEVER expected from a Lawyer, NOR did I expect to become her client soon thereafter! I sought out Lerae in a pinch and she was immediately responsive, highly attentive to my needs, handled my matter with professionalism and diligence and she attained the results I sought! I recommend Lerae to any and everyone that is seeking a lawyer that absolutely eradicates the typical stuffy-lawyer stigma and will fulfill or exceed your expectations!

Adrienne L. France

Professional Prudent Pragmatic

I am just starting out on my business venture and I wanted to ensure that all the legalities were sorted out and in place, for when I launch. I seen @lawyermommylerae ig page and found not only is she an amazing black woman, who just happens to be a lawyer and mom. Lerae had all the resources I needed for investments and business contracts, to help my business run effectively.

Nina B

Having known Lerae for over a decade she is the first person I think of for legal advice. She is professional and precise, making difficult to navigate legal speak and processes more digestible, relatable and practical. She is clear in her one on one consultations so I knew how to proceed next. Her written resources such as, " A Step by Step Guide to Raising Businesses and Babies" are not only informative but empowering so you feel ready to engage in the work!

Ahriel Braxton

My experience with Le'Rae has been positive and uplifting. Her level of relatability and transparency, is just what my brain needs. Because of her knowledge on an array of services, I've referred her to my most esteemed friends and family. I believe she's a good resource to have on building my legacy.

Omolola Taiwo

Working with Lerae of Funderburg Law, our team and I found her to be helpful and responsive to all of our questions and concerns. It was our 1st time being offered a distribution deal for our film and she was with us every step of the way. Considering this was our 1st time going through this process, we didn't comprehend certain verbiage within the contract. Lerae not only helped us to understand accurately what was being stated, but she was also very approachable, negotiated on our behalf and was tough when she needed to be. As independent filmmakers, it is essential that you hire an attorney to review contracts, but not just any attorney, one that is very educated about the industry. Hiring Funderburg Law as your legal representative, we assure you, you're in good hands, we had a pleasant experience!

LeConte & Kyria Williams

Founders of KMW Productions, LLC

My name is Terry Walker and I am one of the owners of the popular nightlife brand Bonfire ATL. Many may not know that Lerae Funderburg Esq is the reason why I was able to save our brand. When we were going through tough times as a result of poor leadership Ms. Funderburg provided me with the legal advice I needed to secure the brand and transition it out of the hands of a tyrannical leader into the hands of my partners and I. This move save employment for our 30 staff members and a commerce space for our 30+ vendors. She also helped save the vibe for the community's creatives. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and personable. Thank you Lawyer Mommy!!!

Terry Walker

Bonfire ATL

Lerae has been helping me with my producer contracts for over a year now and she has been phenomenal. I have a very busy schedule, so it is good to know that I have an experienced attorney I can trust. In addition, she is great at communicating with you and She has a lot of patience. I would highly recommend

CorMill LLC