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Tom Brady Takes Tampa by Trademark

image via wikipedia Following his move to Tampa Bay, former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady seeks to capitalize off of his new location, according to the New York Post. Brady, who made an unsuccessful attempt to trademark “Tom...

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Pobre Mambacita

by Khadija Dukes Prior to the untimely death of NBA star Kobe Bryant and his beloved daughter Gianna “Gigi” Bryant, Bryant filed a trademark application for Gigi’s nickname, “Mambacita” – a play on her...

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Disney Opposes the Use of Its Trademarked Phrase, ‘Hakuna Matata’

by Khadija Dukes Image via Wikimedia Commons Once again, Disney’s most beloved movie, The Lion King, is in headlines, but this time not for its cinematic debut. On July 31, 2019, Disney filed an opposition with the United States Patent...

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