Your Creative Work Is Your Own

Take Advantage Of Copyright Laws To Protect Your Authorship In Atlanta, GA

While trademarks can protect your brands, slogans or logos, creative works are secured under copyright laws. Though some original works are protected from the moment of their creation, it's often in your best interest to register for a copyright. To speak with a top intellectual property lawyer about your authorship rights, turn to Funderburg Law in Atlanta, GA.

We offer free consultations to help you make informed decisions. The registration process typically takes three to five months once the application is filed. We'll work closely with you through the process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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Why Should You Register For A Copyright?

While a copyright is enacted by default from the moment an original artistic, literary or musical work is created, there are several reasons why you might also want to register the work for legal protection. Registering for a copyright will:

  • Publish a record of the copyright for public viewing
  • Allow you to file an infringement lawsuit
  • Enhance your copyright's validity in court
  • Give you access to additional financial recovery if your work is stolen

Any original work of authorship can be registered, including poetry, novels, movies, songs, paintings, photos, software and architectural blueprints. To learn more about your creative authorship rights, speak with an intellectual property lawyer today.