Rolls-Royce Trademarks ‘Seraph’ Nameplate, but what for?

A new trademark application suggests that Rolls-Royce still has a few tricks up its sleeve. While many brands often trademark names from their past just to secure them and block someone else from using it, it’s not uncommon to revive an older moniker on a new model.


The Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph was produced from 1998 to 2002. It was introduced to replace the Silver Spirit and was discontinued following BMW’s purchase of the brand. Pretty much a Bentley Arnage with a Rolls badge, the Silver Seraph was powered by a BMW-sourced 5.4-liter V12.


The word ‘seraph’, meanwhile, follows along with Rolls-Royce’s convention of naming its vehicles after supernatural beings. Variously described as having two or three pairs of wings, seraphs serve as the throne guardian of God. To think, I’ve been leaving my toilet undefended all this time.


As for what Rolls is missing from its lineup, it has expressed an interest in electric vehicles(like every other automaker in existence). The company’s releases, though, have used the “Silent Shadow” moniker, so that would probably be a better fit.

Speaking purely speculatively, the other area that every automaker is interested in is SUVs. With just one in its lineup, Rolls-Royce could likely fit another in without any trouble at all. Unfortunately, for now, we’re going to have to wait and see.