Trouble in Barbie World

Mattel Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Rap Snacks, ya’ll. Federal trademark dilution was one of the four claims brought by Mattel against Rap Snacks for allegedly diminishing its uniqueness and creating customer confusion when Rap Snacksreleased its ‘Barbie-queRap Snacks to pay homage to Nicki Minaj, known to her fans as…Barbie.

Mattel is the creator of Barbie and has the trademark rights to the Barbie logo. So why is Mattel suing when everyone knows they’re the owners? Well, no matter how popular a brand is, the owner still has to grant permission to anyone planning to use the brand name or logo. According to Mattel’s court documents, Rap Snacks allegedly did not obtain express permission from Mattel before collaborating with Nicki Minaj to bring those ‘Barbie-queRap Snacks to the streets.

What’s worse? Mattel has alleged that even Nicki Minaj is on their side, claiming that her team asked if Mattel knew about the ‘Barbie-que’ link-up. And what’s worse than that? Mattel is claiming that Rap Snacks is also creating consumer confusion because Mattel has their own, similar line of snack foods.

According to Mattel, their first time hearing about the ‘Barbie-que’ link-up was when they saw the chips already packaged and ready for purchase. We’ll have to stay tuned to see how the lawsuit unfolds and whether Barbie can remain the only girl in her Barbie world.

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