Trademarks, Music Labels & The Metaverse

At the end of August, Sony Music Entertainment submitted an NFT and metaverse trademark application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the Columbia Records logo. The record label giant has submitted trademark applications for music, podcast creation, and artist management. The file also includes audiovisual recordings, online entertainment, distribution, promotion, and marketing services.

According to the application submitted on August 30 of this year, NFTs will be used to authenticate both digital music and live music performances. NFTs are indicated as supporting multimedia files in general for both music and live musical performances, as well as images and artwork that depict live musical performances.

In addition to these plans, the filing mentions providing artist marketing services, musical services, artist management, distributorship services, online music entertainment in the form of "non-downloadable sound and audiovisual recordings," production and post-production services, and podcast production.

Aside from Sony, other renowned businesses and famous people have submitted trademark applications for NFT and Metaverse in recent months. Hermès, a high-end French fashion label, submitted a trademark application for its name on August 26. The business intends to diversify into NFTs, virtual goods marketplaces, virtual goods, virtual clothes, fashion shows, and other areas.

The same month, the musician and actress Miley Cyrus filed the names "MILEY" and "MILEY CYRUS" as trademarks for the Metaverse and NFT. The famous person aims to create virtual drinks, apparel, entertainment, and even software for managing virtual currencies.

Looks like the entertainment industry is preparing themselves for the next level of virtual entertainment.

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