Trademark Fight Ahead for Washington Redskins?

by Paris Henderson

The Washington Redskins have been under immense scrutiny off and on for over four decades regarding their controversial and offensive name. According to the Washington Post, Native American leaders began calling for a name change in 1972, calling the name a “derogatory racial epithet” but here we are 48 years later and the name remained up until renewed calls for the franchise to drop the racially insensitive name for something non-offensive.

Enter, the trademark registration fight. In anticipation of a name change many applications have been filed for marks that may be suitable for the Washington team’s potential new name. There will be some battles ahead and it seems one has already been waged. The Washington Post and other news outlets speculated that the Washington franchise would debut its new name on Monday, July 13, 2020, but that unveiling never happened because, there were trademark complications surrounding the name. Many people have been registering marks with hopes that they will one day be able to collect a check from the Daniel Snyder the team’s owner. It seems as if this will be a payday for whomever filed the application and registered the mystery name.

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