Tom Brady Takes Tampa by Trademark

Following his move to Tampa Bay, former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady seeks to capitalize off of his new location, according to the New York Post.

Brady, who made an unsuccessful attempt to trademark “Tom Terrific” last year, now seeks to trademark “Tompa Bay” and “Tampa Brady.” Brady may have an easier time trademarking the catchy phrases than he did with “Tom Terrific,” which is most known in association with Mets pitcher Tom Seaver.

The 42-year-old signed a two-year, $50 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last month. Brady, who has been inextricably linked to the New England Patriots, negotiated his free agency last August, which would allow the aging athlete to leave on his own terms.

“Tompa Bay” and “Tampa Brady” will be the second and third trademark applications filed by Brady this year, following “TB x TB,” filed earlier this month.

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