The Lady A's

So, you all may remember about a year or so ago we told you all about a Black Blues singer, Anita White, who had been performing under the stage name of “Lady A” and was being sued by Lady A, the country music group previously known as Lady Antebellum, for a trademark infringement of their name. Well, it looks like they were finally able to come to a settlement on this dispute back in February.

As a quick recap on this story from 2020, country group trio, “Lady A” (previously known as Lady Antebellum) had filed a lawsuit against long time Blues singer Anita “Lady A” White for the right to continue using the Lady A moniker. Dating back to June 2020, in wake of the widespread protests and riots surrounding police brutality and racial injustice, the country group decided that they didn’t want to continue using the name Antebellum and wanted to disassociate themselves with the history of slavery, and therefore started going by the name Lady A instead. Apparently, the group has been using that name {Lady A} for years on their website, merchandise, and other things.

On the other hand, White, whom is a Blues singer from Seattle stated that she had been using the name Lady A since the 80’s though she never trademarked the name. Her argument was that if the group truly cared about what their original name truly stood for, they would have never named themselves Lady Antebellum to begin with. As a result, White and her legal team filed a $10M lawsuit against Lady A as she felt that they were trying to erase her and what she stood for after all the years of work, time, and effort she had put in to build her namesake, fan base, and so on. “According to the suit, the band applied to register the name Lady A with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in May 2010. It was officially registered July 26, 2011, after no oppositions to the trademark were filed. The suit says White never applied to trademark or register the name Lady A. The suit did not ask for White to cease using the name Lady A, or for any monetary damages. ‘Plaintiffs simply wish that the parties continue to coexist,’ it said.”

According to BBC News, there was a motion filed back in early February 2022 in Nashville for the judge to dismiss their competing lawsuits with prejudice – meaning that the case cannot later be resurrected.

The full details of their settlement have not been made public to date, but Lady A (the group) has allowed White to continue performing under the stage name of “Lady A” as she has been since the 80’s.

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