The Business That Keeps on Growing: Kylie Jenner Files Yet Another Trademark Application

by Khadija Dukes

Kylie Jenner attempts to add yet another mark to her roster of trademarks, according to the Daily Mail.

The young mogul filed trademark applications for several marks using her daughter’s name, Stormi. One of the many applied for marks is Stormi World, referring to the iconic Stormi theme park that hosted a number of celebrities for Stormi’s birthday this year.

It is well known that the Kardashian-Jenner’s know how to throw a party, but the unveiling of Stormi World 2 this year would make any adult envious of the honored guests of the two-year-old. Featuring a Frozen and Trolls World, along with Stormi World and the accompanying Stormi-themed merchandise and slide, Stormi World 2 is a world I would like to explore.

However, while the world may be ready for Stormi World, the world will have to wait as Jenner encountered opposition when attempting to trademark the tot’s name.

Stormi Couture was trademarked by Business Moves Consulting (BMC) shortly after Stormi’s birth in 2018. In opposing the star’s mark, BMC cited a likelihood of confusion and a lack of intent to use the mark ‘in commerce for identified goods or services.’

Prior to Jenner’s February trademark applications, including the ones in dispute, Jenner successfully filed nearly 130 trademark applications, adding to the billionaire’s growing businesses.

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