The British Tabloids Have Finally Did It

It’s not a secret that the media outlets in England usually go “too far.” The British media is known to be so controversial that many American citizens are even aware of the stories being published in the tabloids. This time, however, they’ve just gone too far for some.

Prince Harry has initiated a lawsuit to sue the publisher of The Daily Mail, along with plaintiffs Elton John and Elizabeth Hurley. The group is suing the British tabloid for invasion of privacy in that the tabloid allegedly accessed the groups’ bank records and listened to their private phone calls to gather information to release to the public. The Daily Mail is a well-known media outlet in England and in the United States. The tabloid regularly disseminates political news and information, as well as celebrity news and information through social media, online, and print sources. Recently, the tabloid has been in the news in a negative light about the harsh publishing history of Prince Harry’s wife, Megan. It appears Prince Harry had ignored their comments for some time until recently.

The plaintiffs to the suit allege that The Daily Mail’s parent company, Associated Newspapers, hired private investigators to put listening devices in their cars and homes and even hired additional employees to listen to and record their calls while they were happening. The suit further alleges that police were paid to cooperate and provide confidential information to these employees, that the employees impersonated others to obtain confidential medical information, and that the employees impersonated others to obtain their bank account information.

The Daily Mail has responded to the initiation of the suits, claiming that the accusations were “preposterous” and “pre-planned” and that the plaintiffs were only suing them in an attempt to add the tabloid to the current media outlet scandal. This lawsuit does not look good for The Daily Mail or its parent company, Associated Newspapers, however, because this is not the first time they have been in the spotlight. Previously, Prince Harry settled two defamation suits with other tabloid companies ran by Associated Newspapers. Also, Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle sued a tabloid company ran by Associated Newspapers for invasion of privacy in which the tabloid published a letter she privately wrote to her estranged father. Meghan Markle also won that suit.

Although The Daily Mail has completely denied the accusations set forth in the lawsuit by Prince Harry and others, the tabloid will have a hard time proving it in court based on their previous legal actions or their agreement to settle with individuals in the past. Further, considering that the accusations in this lawsuit are more than just tort claims and encompass severe criminal activity, the courts and the public alike are likely to view this case under a higher level of care.

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