Sony Music Sues Triller

According to, Sony Music is suing Triller alleging copyright infringement and breach of contract. Following reports that Triller ceased paying licensing payments in March 2022, Sony Music Entertainment sued the video-sharing app, requesting millions of dollars in damages. The lawsuit was submitted on Monday, August 29th, in federal court in New York and alleges that Triller allowed songs from Sony Music to be shared on the app even after the music firm canceled their contract.

“Despite extolling the importance and value of ‘innovative technology and intellectual property,’ and claiming to hope that its efforts to curb copyright infringement ‘will set a precedent for us and all content creators going forward that stealing is not going to be tolerated,’ Triller displays brazen contempt for the intellectual property rights of Sony Music, its artists, and others,” Sony Music said in the lawsuit.

Triller and Sony have a licensing agreement that dates back to 2016, but Sony claims that after renewing the agreement in December 2020, Triller hasn't made payments recently. Triller issued a statement stating that the Sony catalog had been taken down from the app and that efforts had been made to delete any user-uploaded music within 24 hours.

“The case is about less than 100 songs and whether or not we complied with ... take-down requests on users uploading those songs, which we believe we have,” Triller said.

Sony Music ended the contract on August 8 when Triller "failed to substantively respond, much less cure" its infraction. “In doing so, Sony Music expressly informed Triller that its continued use of Sony Music Content would constitute willful copyright infringement,” according to the lawsuit .

According to the lawsuit, Sony Music's content is still accessible in Triller's audio library and used in user films after the contract was terminated on August 8. According to “the full scope of Triller’s infringement is unknown.”

It seems that over the past two years, Triller has been involved with other lawsuits with another music group, Universal Music Group, as well as   one with Verzuz claiming that they were owed $28 million from Triller.

At this rate…could Triller possibly be coming to an end with the back-to-back lawsuits and their continuous breach of contract? We will follow up on this story to see how it unfolds.

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