Snoop Dogg & The Metaverse

The list of celebrities dipping into the virtual world continues to grow. As you may recall, we provided you all with a quick write-up on Ashanti and her new involvement with Web3. Well, here’s the neweOne of our faves, Calvin Broadus…aka Uncle Snoop, bka Snoop Dogg, recently filed two trademark applications for a NFT and the Metaverse. On June 14th, Snoop filed a trademark application, based on “intent to use,” for both “Uncle Snoop” and “Uncle Snoop’s”. The classes ranged from potato chips and tortilla chips to cookies and teas. However, both applications also were for International Class 009 – downloadable virtual goods, namely, virtual cannabis goods for use in online virtual environments; digital collectibles, namely, downloadable virtual cannabis products, virtual cannabis and smoking paraphernalia, virtual clothing and apparel, and digital files featuring images, audio, and video, all authenticated by non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

According to articles by Cryptopolitan,, and, the Metaverse and NFTs will allow musicians ways to earn money by selling their music separately from streaming services. The blockchain technology allows the artists to control their own pricing and earn royalties all while connecting with their fanbase.

On another note, on the same day that Snoop filed his trademarks, the city of Beverly Hills, CA also filed seven trademark applications with the USPTO for the intent to use of virtual goods and services in the Metaverse. Beverly Hills’s goods and services fell into International Classes 009 and 041. It appears that they plan to sell things such as clothing, headwear, and toys amongst other goods in the virtual world, host virtual concerts, and of course…for NFTs. Oh, and they are bringing representation of Rodeo Drive with them into the Metaverse.

Aside from musicians and major cities, the NFT and Metaverse has also seen its share of athletes as well. It was reported that NBA superstar Kevin Durant has filed 26 (and counting) NFT and Metaverse applications which are intended to allow consumers to acquire downloadable and unique NFT, NFT-backed media, and trade on NFT and crypto markets. It seems like everyone is starting to fall in line with the Metaverse and NFTs. Is this something that you have looked into? We would love to hear about it.

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