PS5 delayed launch in India due to trademark dispute

by Williametta Garnett

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 5 that’s marked at $499 set to launch November 12, 2020. The anticipation excelled per-orders which was highly expected.

However, PlayStation launch reached a halt in India when Sony realized that someone in Delhi had already taken the “PS5” trademark. Delhi’s resident by the name of Hitesh Aswani beat PlayStation to the trademark office when he filed for the trademark “PS5” in India early October 2019, while PlayStation itself only applied for the intellectual rights in February of this year.

At the moment, both Aswani’s and Sony’s application for the right to use the “PS5” name have been “Opposed”, the matter is being sought out by the Indian Government’s respective regulatory body.

Since the PS5 is set to launch next month it is quite possible that PlayStation will have to delay the release of the highly anticipated game system in Indian markets until the dispute has been resolved, as it cannot sell a PS5 until it has attained the right to use the name commercially.

It’s safe to say that the system won’t be landing in India the same time as the rest of the world this November.

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