Photo sharing website Pinterest Accused of Copyright Infringement

by Khadija Dukes

Everyone’s favorite recipe and vision board website, Pinterest, is facing challenges regarding accusations of copyright infringement, according to

The social media company is being sued for encouraging copyright infringement by allowing its users to post and share copyrighted images. The complainant, award-winning photographer Harold Davis, claims that several of his photographs have been used on the site without his permission. Davis further claims that Pinterest took his photos from Flickr and reproduced them in emails sent to its users.

While it is possible that the images were reproduced in error, the questionability of Pinterest’s relationship with copyright law has been much discussed since its inception in 2010. This is due to the nature of Pinterest and its heavy reliance on non-user-based content.

If Davis’ lawsuit were to succeed it would drastically affect the future of Pinterest, so it will be interesting to see how far this lawsuit goes.

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