Nicole Young, Dr. Dre’s estrange wife co-owns trademark to his name?

by Williametta Garnett

What’s worse than being in the middle of a billion-dollar divorce? Well, when your estrange wife claims to own rights to your very famous stage name as well as one of your classic album. That’s what famous rapper Andre Young, best known as his stage name Dr. Dre mogul is currently living through with his estrange wife Nicole Young.

Nicole Young, claims she co-owns the trademark to Dr. Dre’s stage name and further alleges in explosive court documents that Dr. Dre ‘secretly’ transferred valuable trademarks to a newly created asset holding company, including his 1992 debut album, The Chronic.  

Since, Dr. Dre and team has denied all allegations reporting that Dre has the right to transfer his property because he owns the rights to them along with his mother and two children.

Their divorce like any divorce just seems to be getting worse. Unsure where the tables will turn, Nicole Young finds herself being represented by highly sought-after L.A. attorney Bryan J. Freedman, it’s safe to say she is in good hands.

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