It Is Not “OKURRR”

Cardi B may have fame, fortune, and family, but there is one thing that the rapper will not have in 2019, and it is not ‘okurrr’ with Cardi.

Cardi B’s application to trademark her signature phrase ‘okurrr’ has just been denied by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), according to CNN.

The application, which was filed by her attorney in March of this year, was intended to trademark the term to use it on paper goods and clothing items.

However, the term was deemed unregistrable due to its commonplace usage.

Typically, when a trademark includes a specific term that is not registrable, the USPTO requires that the filer include a disclaimer with their trademark, stating that they do not claim exclusive rights to the specific term.

In regards to Cardi B’s mark, though, the entire mark is constituted of one specific term. Thus, a disclaimer would not be applicable to her mark.

While the “Money” rapper may have lost this battle, it will be hard to disassociate her from the catchy phrase, ‘okurrr?’

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