‘I ain’t write back though...”

Now that the NFL is back, so are the football players that are constantly in the news. After only one week of NFL football, one NFL star has gotten himself some positive attention. Quarterback Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks won in a game against his former teammate, Russell Wilson. In Smith’s post-game interview, he said something that stuck with fans so much that he decided to file a trademark on it. “They wrote me off, I ain’t write back though.” Smith was initially asked if he thought that some fans wrote him off as a starter, since his old teammate, Russell Wilson, had left the Seahawks. Smith, however, had a quick response, stating that, “they wrote me off, I ain’t write back though.”

The response went viral online and within four days, Smith filed to trademark the saying with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on September 14. Whether or not the USPTO will actually grant Smiths’ application is yet to be determined. Whenever the USPTO responds, let’s hope they don’t “write him off.”

Celebrities are always so quick to file trademarks for catchy phrases without understanding that the phrase has to be associated with the provision of goods or services. One can't simply trademark a phrase because they want exclusive use of it. Trademarks are designed to show origination of goods or services and grant an owner exclusive protection over its use for the benefit of the buying public, not the owner of the mark. This is a process where Smith will inevitably have to 'write back though.'

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