“Hot Girl Summer” is officially being trademarked!

In true Hot Girl Summer fashion, Megan the Stallion is sticking to her coins and taking legal action, as she should, to trademark her catchphrase “Hot Girl Summer.” The term has gone viral helping propel the Houston native name and artistry across the country.

Megan came into the scene using the phrase to help promote what she calls women empowerment, and independence. The phrase “Hot Girl Summer” originated in her debut album “Fever” which was used throughout her album and even inserted on the cover art, it reads “She’s thee Hot Girl and she’s bringing thee heat.” Since, other brands including Forever 21, Wendy’s, and Maybelline have all used it in their marketing.

In July Megan confirmed via twitter to a fan that the trademark application is filed and is in the reviewing process. In no time Megan should have a trademark to her catchphrase and begin officially making money off of it. According to Billboard, Megan would use the trademark to cover merchandise — specifically hoodies, T-shirts, and sportswear.

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