Ford Tapping into the Metaverse?

In some of our more recent blogs, we have been coming to you all with info on different rappers and athletes that are applying for trademark applications for the NTFs for the metaverse. Well, now it looks like the automobile sector is starting to do the same.

Ford, the biggest carmaker in the United States based on sales, is getting ready for the metaverse with 19 trademark applications for everything from virtual automobiles to an NFT marketplace. The company is attempting to safeguard its operations there, including the delivery of Ford-branded NFTs on a private NFT market. Text, audio, or video pertaining to the brand may be found in these NFTs.

These applications, which include the Ford Lightning 150, Lincoln Lightning, Ford Lightning, Bronco, Explorer Raptor, Mustang Mach-E, Transit, Escape, Expedition, Maverick, Ranger, and Mustang, aim to preserve some of Ford's most well-known automobiles' digital representations.

The announcement comes at a time when several of the biggest automakers in the world are starting to use extended reality (XR) technologies to enhance design workflows, start NFT campaigns, and display new models. According to USPTO-licensed attorney Mike Kondoudis, who asserted that Ford was making a "big move" into the metaverse with these applications, this may be one of the first stages towards a coordinated digital strategy.

I wonder which car manufacturers are going to soon follow suit...

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