Drake & LeBron’s $10M Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed against LeBron James and Drake, as they are being accused of stealing the rights to a movie depicting a segregated hockey league. The historic Colored Hockey League of Canada, an all-black hockey league established in 1895, is the subject of the claim by Billy Hunter, the former president of the NBA players union, who is claiming that he has the exclusive rights to produce any film about it.

According to the lawsuit, Lebron and Drake secretly reached an agreement with the authors of the book that served as the basis for their Black Ice documentary by using their production businesses.

George and Darril Fosty, the writers, are also named as defendants under the grounds of breach of contract for allegedly breaking the agreement. However, the writers assert that no agreements were broken because a documentary differs from a film.

"While the defendants LeBron James, Drake and Maverick Carter [LeBron's business partner] are internationally known and renowned in their respective fields of basketball and music, it does not afford them the right to steal another's intellectual property," Hunter's attorney, Larry Hutcher, stated in the lawsuit.

The Fostys claim that the "Black Ice" documentary constituted a "separate entity" that was beyond the scope of their agreement, despite acknowledging that Hunter held the movie rights, according to the lawsuit. According to Hunter, he paid $250,000 for the "exclusive worldwide rights" to any "audiovisual" adaptation of the tale.

LeBron James and Drake's agents have not responded to the accusations in any way, so we will have to wait and see how this ordeal plays out.

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