Disney Won’t be Able to Let this one Go: Frozen 2 Trademark Dispute

Disney is in the headlines once again, and not because of Baby Yoda. The highly anticipated sequel to Frozen 2 was met with high box office sales– almost doubling that of its predecessor. However, much like Frozen, the sequel has coined a phrase that resonates throughout the entire film – “Trust Your Journey.” The problem is, it is already being used by another company, according to Bloomberg.com.

Trust Your Journey, a Nevada-based company operating since 2007, was formed in response to a breast cancer diagnosis. The company, which offers apparel, mugs, and other accessories bearing the mark, claims to have earned $4 million in sales from the trademark, which can only be a fraction of what Disney has already made from using the slogan. With retailers ranging from Macy’s and JC Penny to Target and Kohl’s, along with the Disney Store, Disney has likely generated much revenue from the use of “Trust Your Journey.”

While this is hardly the first trademark dispute Disney has been involved in, it certainly is notable given the timing and the film at the heart of the dispute.

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