Dark Times for Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been living a very private life the past year, as she has not been in the media or dropped any recent records. However Christian rapper Marcus Gray, known as Flame might have taken Perry out of her solitude as he was awarded $2.7 million in damages by a Los Angeles jury who ruled that Katy Perry’s 2013 hit song “Dark Horse” infringed on the rappers 2008 song “Joyful Noise”. In a unanimous decision, the jurors decided that the beat of Perry’s hit record copied the beat of Flame’s Christian rap song, which is an instant copyright infringement law suit against Perry and her label. Capitol Records was ordered to pay the largest chunk of the damages — $1.2 million — but Perry was ordered by the jury to pay $550,200 to Gray. The remaining balance of the damage will be paid by Perry’s various producers and collaborators on the song.

Gray’s attorneys argued that the hit song brought in $41 million, was nominated for a Grammy, and sat at the top of the billboard charts for four weeks. The federal jury in downtown Los Angeles ruled that 22.5% of the total profits earned by “Dark Horse” could be attributed to the musical passage stolen from “Joyful Noise.”, which is only fair – Gray receiving at least 22% of the profit.

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