Baywatch Star Carmen Electra Sues Massachusetts Strip Club For Trademark Infringement

Baywatch star Carmen Electra and seven other women are suing a Massachusetts strip club that goes by the name Golden Banana strip club for allegedly using their photos in advertisements without permission.

The suit was filed on July 1, at the U.S. District Court in Boston naming D. & B. Corp., and D. & B. president Mark Filranti as defendants, the plaintiffs are seeking a whopping 1 million for trademark infringement. According to the complaint, images of the women were inappropriately used or altered to make it look as if the women worked at or somehow endorsed the Golden Banana.

Alerting the image of Electra, and the other women to make it look as if the women were exotic dancers who worked at the venue. Electra also states that the photos were shared on many platforms including their social media accounts.

The complaint further states that “This image was intentionally altered to make it appear that Electra was either a stripper working at Golden Banana, that she endorsed the club, or was otherwise affiliated with it,” according to the complaint. “Electra has never been employed at Golden Banana, has never been hired to endorse it, and has received no remuneration for the unauthorized use of her image.”

Electra’s modeling industry places a high degree of value on her good will and reputation which is critical in order to maximize their earning potential, book modeling contracts, and establishing her individual brands. Which in this case is consider by Electra jeopardizing her image and reputation.

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