2 Chainz Getting Sued by Family of Pablo Escobar

by Tequila Higgins

So it looks like our native Atlanta rapper, Tauheed “2 Chainz” Epps has a hefty lawsuit against him. The Grammy Award winning rapper and owner of popular Atlanta lounges Escobar Restaurant and Tapas is being sued for $10M by the family of the infamous Pablo Escobar. The family alleges that 2 Chainz “took Escobar’s name and plastered it on a chain of restaurants”.

Escobar Inc., the conglomerate representing the family of the deceased kingpin, alleged that 2 Chainz used Escobar’s name and likeness without their permission for his 2 Atlanta restaurants, and the family wants their cut of the sales from both the business and merchandising. The court document also explains the family’s umbrage over 2 Chainz using Escobar’s face to promote the restaurant and generate traffic and sales, as well as the use of Escobar’s mugshot that is painted on the walls inside the restaurants.

Escobar Inc. is moving for a judge to grant an injunction against Epps to refrain from using the name and likeness of the Escobar name moving forward and is seeking damages of at least eight figures. Epps has yet to respond.

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