Put Your Best Interests at the Forefront

Put Your Best Interests at the Forefront

Discuss your business contract with a lawyer in Atlanta, GA

Funderburg Law is dedicated to supporting our clients as they transition their entrepreneurial ideas into fully functioning businesses. It's our job to walk them through the details of business law and help them manage their time, money and resources effectively. With an emphasis on new entity formation and business contracts, we advise our clients to help them establish organizational structure and protocols.

It's important to limit your liability to your other businesses. To protect yourself, we recommend creating separate entities and maintaining that separation.

Our business contract lawyer aids clients in designing and implementing management tools to sustain a growing business within the legal framework. Consult our firm in Atlanta, GA today by calling 678-814-6300.

Make responsible decisions for your business

Choosing an entity for your business is crucial, whether it's a corporate, limited liability company, partnership or sole proprietorship. Our business contract lawyer will walk you through the pros and cons of each and help you draft the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State.

In addition to our business formation services, we also offer general counsel to small businesses. As part of our business law services, we can...

  • Work with you to choose an entity for your small business
  • Go over bylaws and articles that pertain to your company
  • Draft, review or negotiate agreements on your behalf

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