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Funderburg Law can help you learn about trademarks and copyrights in Atlanta, GA

Have you always wanted to open your own business? Or maybe you're working on a book or song. Funderburg Law is a trademarks and copyrights law firm in Atlanta, GA that can help you protect your work and ideas. We'll communicate with you throughout the entire process, so you're informed and involved every step of the way.

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A lot goes into starting a business or protecting creative works. However, that doesn't mean you have to stress about it. Our team can help you:




We can also help you draft estate plans to protect your legacy. To learn more about our services, talk to our business contract lawyer today.


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Starting your own business and making plans for your estate can seem complicated. However, with over 10 years of experience, bar licenses from Georgia and California and a real estate broker's license from Georgia, we have the knowledge and skill needed to navigate tough legal situations. Call us today at 404-946-0114 to schedule an appointment with our business contract lawyer.

Funderburg Law, LLC, is an Atlanta based boutique law firm that focuses on entity formation, trademark and copyright protection, and estate planning. Our motto is: Create the business; protect the brand; build the legacy. Our target clientele are black and brown business owners who wish to create generational wealth by building and sustaining profitable businesses, protecting themselves and their intellectual property in the process, and setting them up for distribution to their future generations.

We focus on educating and empowering our clients with resources to assist them in their entrepreneurial journey while also bringing excellence, professionalism, integrity, and humility to every issue presented. Our philosophy for success is individual attention, coupled with high quality work product, completed on time, and always with the client's overall vision in mind.

We are very passionate about the growth and expansion of black wealth and successful black businesses, and we utilize that same passion in helping our clients to achieve their goals.

As a black owned business, we are similarly situated to our clients and are uniquely positioned to provide firsthand experience coupled with legal knowledge and know how in our practice areas. At Funderburg Law, we understand wholeheartedly the struggles that black and brown businesses face, including, but not limited to finances, lack of resources, misinformation, and working in corporate while trying to turn your hustle into your full-time occupation.

Our founder is a single mother of two beautiful children and created the firm so that she would be able to be present for her kids, while also handling business. It's very important that black mothers are able to have solid examples of other successful mothers who maintain a healthy balance of work and play so that they feel confident to pursue their dreams, even with baby and tow.

We make legal services affordable, enjoyable, and accessible.

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